Program of the Event

30th of April 2021

2:30 PM

Introduction Speech

2:35 PM

Guess the Emojis!

2:40 PM

Working at SHMS

With Gabriela Salas Mentilla

2:50 PM

Happy Hour! 

2:40 PM

System 1 & System 2

With Mr Mikhail Romanenko and Mr  Juan Martin De La Rosa Soiza

2:55 PM

Cook-off Competition

With Ms Kiki Da Costa, Mr Xavier Willain, Ms Miku Koyanagi, Ms Sharron Vanessa

3:15 PM

Technology: a leading trend in hospitality

With Mr Christian Lavera

The reciprocity of Hospitality and Us

With Mr Ludovic Cosandey

3:15 PM

3:25 PM

Panel Discussion: Our Alumni’s paths

3:45 PM

Reaching mindfulness in 15 minutes

With Robert Saltz, Kiki Da Costa

4 PM

SHMS Through the Years: A Discussion by our Past and Present Deans

4:10 PM

Closing Speech by our Event Director

4:20 PM

Networking Time