In case you missed it

Here are all the videos and recordings from our virtual event. 

Introduction and warm up activity

Our warm up activity will stimulate your excitement! Be ready to exploit your personal knowledge about the world of emojis in order to identify the combos of emojis based on the hospitality industry, your experiences at SEG campuses and the notorious WOH Event.

The cook-off competition

An internal competition between our lecturers and students, showing off with no reserve, their cooking skills and their most hidden personalities at the stoves. The comments of our judges will be as sharp as their knives.

Working at SHMS & Happy Hour

A virtual face-to-face interview conducted by our F&B manager with Ms Gabriela Salas. With previous experience working as Restaurant Supervisor in the Leysin Campus, she will share with us her experience at SHMS, her career journey since and her learning and working achievements along the way. 

Technology: a leading trend in Hospitality

Mr. Christian Lavéra, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Mövenpick Hotel, Geneva, will be discussing from his point of view the most remarkable changes in technologies in the hospitality industry and how they have helped improve the quality of services and operations at hotels.

System 1, System 2

Mr. Mikhail Romanenko and Martin de la Rosa, respectively lecturer and student at SHMS Leysin, will demonstrate the phenomenon of System 1, System 2 to show why some training programs fail to be successful and what to consider in order to solve these issues.

The reciprocity of Hospitality and Us

Mr Ludovic Cosandey, event planning professor at SHMS, will tie the knot between the hospitality industry and each one of us, highlighting the importance of Alumni networking in the hospitality industry.

Panel Discussion: Our Alumni’s paths

A panel discussion by three of our outstanding Alumni- Ms Luna Pintus, Ms Jessica Wang and Mr Georgios Frosynis respectively from Italy, Thailand and Cyprus, all SHMS graduates of 2020, 2015 and 2017, revealing memories of their student life on campus, their experiences as members of the previous editions of WOH and their career journeys since graduation.

SHMS through the years

A discussion by our past and present Deans, Dr Dominic Szambowski and Mr Stephan Earnhart, about their insights into how our school, SHMS,  has developed and changed over the years, along with their best memories.

Reaching mindfulness in 15 minutes

An introduction to mindfulness and its benefits through a live virtual meditation session that could relieve stress and fatigue from the long hours in front of the screen, particularly during the quarantine times.

Closing speech